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"Our goal is to be Washington's ONE-STOP-SHOP for all septic system services, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and inspections. For instance, some of our clients initially contract our septic services for something minuscules, such as an inspection or a minor repair but are so pleased with our reliability and affordability that we become their FIRST call the next time they need professional septic services such as installations or septic system (re)designs."

~ Lakeside Septic, Inc ~

Septic Tank Pumping

Ensure your property's septic system is clean and pristine with our top-notch septic pumping services!

Septic Pumping With Lakeside Septic

Our seasoned septic pumping specialists are well-versed pumping, cleaning, and treating a wide variety of septic systems, including commercial, industrial, and agriculturally-scaled septic systems. Whether your property requires quick-response or emergency septic pumping or if you're interested in establishing a scheduled pumping routine, you can rest assured that Lakside Septic, Inc is your local go-to for all septic pumping needs here in King County, WA and Snohomish County, WA!

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Septic System

Commercial | Industrial | Residential | Municipal | Agricultural

Reliable Septic Repairs

Whether your property's septic system on the smaller scale, generally used for residential systems, or if your property features a larger, more robust system that is typically reserved for commercial or industrial-sized properties, chances are that the septic system will eventually wear down and need to be repaired or ultimately replaced. That's where the decades of septic system experience and mastery in the septic industry we've developed over the years come into play!

Septic Coverage

    Septic Tanks
    Septic Pumps
    System Components

Excavating Services

Our excavation crews are as experienced as they are punctual!

Residential Excavation Services

Our expert excavators are skilled at timely excavation services that are minimially invasive to the land surrounding your home.

Commercial Excavation

Ensure your commercial property is properly marked and excavated to accommodate all utility lines with our commercial excavation coverage!

Agricultural Excavation Services

Keep the lines and fields of your agricultural property clear and running smoothly with our peerless agricultural excavation services!

Industrial Excavation Services

Considering industrial properties are usually larger and generally need to support larger property systems, it's essential to have your excavation affected by our experienced industrial excavation crews!

Custom Excavation Services

Having been in the excavation industry here in Washington for over 3 decades, we've had to adapt and innovate several times to accommodate our valued clients.

Excavation Coverage

    ✔ Boring Services
    ✔ Utility Lines
    ✔ Trenching Services
    ✔ Land Clearing
    ✔ Leveling Services
    ✔ Site Development
    ✔ Grading Services

Septic Tank Riser

Fast. Efficient. Affordable.

Septic Site Assessment

After assessing the property, we are able to accurately scope the site and quote the installation cost(s).

Septic Mapping & Design

Every property is inherently unique, and its septic system needs to be properly mapped and designed prior to installation.

Septic Permitting & Materials

Following our time-honored practice of "client-specific" septic installations, we obtain permitting & materials accordingly.

Septic Scheduling & Installation

In order to best serve you, the customer, we coordinate the installation of the septic system around YOUR schedule, specifically.

Tools, Materials & Equipment

    ★ Piping
    ★ Backhoes
    ★ Excavators
    ★ Septic System Pumps
    ★ Septic System Tanks
    ★ Septic System Components
    ★ Septic System Drainfields

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    Monroe, WA
    Edmonds, WA
    Bothell, WA
    Mountlake Terrace, WA
    Lynnwood, WA
    North Creek, WA
    Martha Lake, WA
    Alderwood Manor, WA
    Mukilteo, WA
    Snohomish, WA
    Marysville, WA
    Mill Creek, WA
    Lake Stevens, WA